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Online gambling company 888 Holdings mixed results
 Once the most popular online gambling company in the world, 888 Holdings has shown mixed results recently. The casino gambling company posted a 25% increase in revenues for the first quarter (Q1) of 2012, yet the stock is sliding, after the company found some resistance in their aim to expand their market back in USA.

 Originally, the 888 Holdings were forced out of the USA online gambling market, following some legal debacles with the local authorities, through their main casino website which was viewed as illegal, according to the US government. The company left the American online gambling scene in 2006 and has ever since contemplated a return to the lucrative casino market the U.S. offers.

 888 Holdings made an attempt to re-enter the USA gambling market through the state of Nevada, where forms of gambling such as casinos and sportsbooks are legal (in their land-based form), via purchase of an established gambling company already operating in Nevada. However, the licensing of 888 Holdings to operate land-based gambling establishment was questioned by the local gambling commission, based on the previous online casino operations of the UK-based company. It appears that 888 Holdings is abandoning the plans to re-enter the USA for now, which has driven down their stock on the London Stock Exchange. Many investor were hopeful and looking forward the increased revenues the US gambling market would've offered to the UK online gambling giant.

 Meanwhile 888 Holdings posted a great 2012 Q1, helping its stock to avoid a huge loss at the UK's stock exchange. Revenue for the UK casino company was up 25% to 58.2m, driven mostly by increase of new poker players (88% YTY), while the casino and betting customers saw decrease by 24% YTY.


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