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Casino Gambling 101
 Gambling is nothing new - it has existed throughout the ages starting with the Chinese and the Egyptians and has survived today, despite the heavy attempts by local governments to limit the freedom of people to do as they please with their hard earned money. Luckily for us in the UK, gambling, both online and offline, is still a choice we can enjoy at any time. and as more and more people discover the world of online casinos more and more people need to learn the basics of casino gambling. In other words - crawl before you run.

 The guides below are 100% original, written by our staff specifically for and you won't find them anywhere else on the internet. That is, until someone steals them and posts them on their website, but such is the nature of the Internet these days.

 For the first-timers we have created this section of our website focusing on the basics of gambling, rightfully titled Casino Gambling 101. Here you will not learn any tricks or strategies to improve your game, nor will you be able to learn how to play the casino games - we have reserved these topics for a completely different set of guide, for the intermediate and the advanced gambler, check our home page for links to find them. But if you've never been to a casino before in your life or you have just learned about the existence of online casinos, these are must-read guides.

First time at the online casino - know the basics
Playing the casino games: Which games to play at the online casino?
Playing the casino games: Table Games
Playing the casino games: Video Slots and Video Poker
Playing the casino games: Keno and Bingo
First online casino withdrawal - get your documents ready
Online casinos have house edge, too
Online casino random number generator explained
At the online casinos - have a budget and stick to it
Manage your money at the online casino with these tips



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