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Playing the casino games: Keno and Bingo
 While you can play both bingo and keno at separate and dedicated gambling establishments, the popularity of these two specialty games is enough that you can find them at every online casino and even at some of the land-based casinos, mostly in the form of a video machine. Let's look at these two kinds of specialty games.

 Bingo - playing bingo is rather simple, but it does require some skill if you do it at a specialty bingo hall. On the other side, playing bingo at the online casinos requires nothing more than purchasing the cards you want and sitting back in your chair, watching the balls roll and the computer will take care of everything else.

 Keno - probably the easiest casino game to learn and play. Similar to playing online bingo, all you are required to start playing keno is to select the numbers you want to play. There is a payout table to guide you through this step and everything else is handled by the casino software.

 In general, even though these two games are very easy and require little to no effort on the part of the casino patron, we do not recommend them. With these specialty games it's all about luck and nothing else. There are no strategies to employ, no real tips to give for playing the,. And considering the high size of numbers available vs. selected numbers, these two are the worst when it comes to casino odds of winning. You must be really very, very lucky to make it out big playing keno and bingo.


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