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Playing the casino games: Table Games
 As promised earlier, it's time to look at the table games the casinos have to offer. Keep in mind that this is part of our basic casino gambling guide and is not intended to teach you how to play the table games nor gives you any tips or strategies to maximize your profits at the online casinos. We have a separate guide sections that would address all those concerns. Today here we will look at the casino games which comprise the "table games" at the casinos.

 Blackjack - until recently the most popular casino table game, blackjack has enjoyed many references in books, movies or anything related to or discussing casino gambling. It's not hard to understand the popularity of this table game - it's easy to learn and understand, it offers the best odds for the player and the worst house odds of any other table game at the casino (even the online casinos). And when played at the land-based casinos offers great camaraderie and draws a big crowd of supporters, especially if you play high-stakes blackjack. It's impossible for anyone to play blackjack without picturing themselves being in a suspenseful movie.

 Poker - this is the current king of the table games, following the boom of the internet poker and the many tournaments you can watch now live on TV. It de-crowned blackjack as the most popular table game in the recent decade and now it's all about poker. But the game of poker is nothing new - it has been played for many years and back in the Wild West the poker table was an integral part of any Saloon or watering hole of some sort. Well, let's be honest, back then every table was poker table. Why so many people have been playing poker for so many years? It's simple - it's the only casino games where a good player is guaranteed to always win. In other words, it's 99% skill and very little luck involved with the game of poker. And with the introduction of online poker - the "poker face" is now really a thing of the past.

 Baccarat - this table game is always associated with people in tuxedos and suits, but black-tie attire is not necessary to play, especially online. The game is also quite simple to play and the odds are beneficial enough for the player to give the baccarat table a shot.

 Craps - the craps table gets almost as much movie time as the blackjack table. Loud crowds gathered on either side of the table cheering or booing the roller, quite fun at the land casinos. The reason many people play craps at the online casinos is the good odds some of the best crap bets offer the player. We will look into those craps bets at another casino game guide.

 Roulette - this is the most simple table game you can play at the casinos. Oftentimes all it is required to play roulette is to pick a number and bet on it, that's it. Of course, there are strategies and tips that can help you choose a good bet for the roulette, we will discuss those another time. Roulette is also the only table games that can give you a consistent almost 50/50 chance of winning a wager ( we have to account for the zeroes) and that's why roulette is one of the table games at the online casinos which is always excluded from the bonus play through requirements games.

 Other table games - in the recent years a few other table games have emerged in order to give people a choice to diversify their table game experience. Games such as Pai Gow, Let It Ride and Caribbean Poker are now a staple at every casino - online or offline. In order to increase the interest at those new table games, some online casinos have placed progressive jackpots on them, so keep an eye out for them if you are a fan of one of those casino table game.


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