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First online casino withdrawal - get your documents ready
 So you got lucky at that slot machine or followed one of our strategy guides to beat the online casino and now you want to withdraw your winnings. If this is the first time you are withdrawing from the online casino - prepare yourself and some documents, as well. Of course, if you have gone through the withdrawal process with that particular online casino before, you won't have to do anything.

 When first-time online casino gamblers request a withdrawal they are always unprepared for the email coming from the casino asking for a list of documents. The train of though is - I didn't fax any documents to deposit, why would you request documents that prove my identity after I requested a withdrawal of my winnings? Well, to be perfectly honest, there wasn't much at stake for the online casino when you made your deposit. Worst case scenario - the deposit would be marked as chargeback and the casino would lose a very small amount associated with their payment processor. But when it comes time to take your winnings home, so to speak, the online casino wants to make sure you are who you are and that they are not cutting a cheque to the wrong person.

 So when you ask for your first online casino withdrawal it's best to get some paperwork around to make this process much faster. Not all online casinos ask for the same documents, but general rule of thumb here will prepare you for the 90% of the cases.

 When you first request your withdrawal, the casino will give you 24 hours "reverse period", i.e. for 24 hours after you've decided to take the money, you can reverse the withdrawal and continue playing. The online casinos do this because there are so many players which change their mind and it all adds up to a large amount of money the casino is losing in processing fees to their partners. After the 24 hour reverse period, the transaction will be assigned to one of the customer service agents and if they see that this is your first online casino withdrawal with them - they will email you asking for a list of documents, usually the following:

  •  Driver's License or ID card (copy)
  •  Copy of a passport is usually an alternative to driver's license
  •  A copy of a recent bill with your address showing (some casinos may ask for two different bills)
  •  A signed withdrawal authorization form (usually attached to the email or the agent will provide you with a link to download and sign the form)

 Once you've gathered the necessary documents you can either fax them to the number provided by the casino representative or scan and email them back. In most cases your withdrawal will be processed within hours from sending all the documents the casino customer service asked for, thus it's always good to have those documents ready, when you know you are about to request your first withdrawal from the online casino.

 In some cases, not only your first casino withdrawal would need verification of your identity via copies of those documents. Large amount withdrawals from the casino will also trigger a flag and you may have to call the customer service and they will request those documents again.


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