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First time at the online casino - know the basics
 If this is your first time signing up at an online casino and hopefully you chose one of the UK online casinos we recommend and did not end up at a bad one, there are some basics you should know before you proceed to gambling. In this section we will cover those very basic features, so if you are already experienced at gambling on the internet or even gambling at the local land-based casinos, feel free to skip this and go straight to the next part of our Casino Gambling 101 guide.

 The very first thing we recommend to new casino players is also one of the most important axioms when it comes to gambling in general - know your limits. Have a set amount of wallet you are willing to part with and if that amount gets exhausted - stop gambling. Yes, we realize that the majority of people go to the casino in order to win money, but one should always approach casino gambling as fun first and money maker second. If you are not having fun, you'd become frustrated and frustration is a sure way to lose your composure and lose your money. But by having a set amount of money you are willing to part, gambling becomes much more fun and before you realize - you will be making money. Therefore, the best way to approach both the online casinos and the land-based casinos is with a certain amount of money you are willing to lose, even better is to already count the money as "lost", and take it from there. And remember - once the money is gone, stop. You won't win every time (otherwise the casinos will go out of business pretty quick), so prepare yourself for that.

 The next basic rule for casino gambling is to know that the house always has the advantage, although there are some small exceptions we'll take an in-depth look into a few chapters later, but we will still touch them here briefly. In other words, the minute you walk into a casino or sign up for an account at the online casino - the odds are stacked against you. Some games have very small house advantage, for example blackjack and even then the odds are still favouring the house, while others will have almost unbeatable odds. All this makes it very important to make yourself familiar with the majority of the casino games available and pick those with the smallest house odds. We will cover the house advantage in a later chapter, but some of the good online casinos will have a few video slots and specialty table games as "loss leaders", i.e. the payout of those slots and casino games will be greater than 100%. This means that the video slot, for example, will pay out more than it "collects" from players. These slots and casino games are heavily advertised by the online casinos which offer them, so pay attention for them on the casino's website.

 And finally, we will touch upon a subject we have discussed in great lengths here - know the casino bonus and the play-through requirements. You can learn all about the specific of this uniquely online casino feature by reading the article, but we must mention it here, as well, since this is one of the first thing the new casino players see when they go to the casino website. Make sure you understand the casino bonus, as well as the requirements imposed on you when you take advantage of the bonus offers.

 Follow these basic rules and you'd be on your way to a great experience at either the brick-and-mortar casinos or the online casinos alike. Know how things really stand between you and the casino, and you will be better prepared to have fun and luckily win some money in the process.


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