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Online casino random number generator explained
 Thousands of people all over the UK play online casinos every day, yet not many know about the Random Number Generator (RNG), the heart of the online casino software. Have you ever wondered how do the video slot you are playing at the online casino is deciding on which symbols the reels will stop? What card will come out next from the blackjack deck or which number ball will pop out of the bingo machine? It's all done behind the scenes by a computational program called random number generator.

 The random number generator is a computer program that is built into the casino software by the software developer (Microgaming, for example) and to which the online casino licensing the software has no access. All this RNG program does is return a random number between 0 and 1, that's it. This simple thing is responsible for every game available at the online casino - from the simple 3-reel 1-line slot to the complex 9-reel 40-line bonus video slots - they all depend on the output of the random number generator to determine how every spin will end.

 So how does the RNG apply to, let's say a 3-reel slot machine? It's all part of the casino software, for every possible payout the video slot has, a section of numbers between 0 and 1 is assigned. The bigger this section, the higher the possibility for the payout to occur, but also - the smaller the payout. Let's say that 3 Bars would pay out 2 on a 1 bet. Pretty small payout, as far as slot machines are concerned, so the 3 Bars would be given if the RNG returns a number between 0.1 and 0.3. On the other extreme, let's assume that 3 7s will pay out 1,000 on your 1 wager, pretty big payout. Therefore the software developer would assign this combination to appear if the RNG returns numbers between 0.375 and 0.395. Of course, relatively speaking, the RNG could return a number in those ranges 3 times in a row, but the statistical chances are so small, the online casinos never concern themselves with such probability. This is a simple way to look at the complex workings of the RNG at the online casino, but it works great to illustrate the basic idea behind the random number generator.

 Now, earlier we mentioned that the online casino has no access to the RNG and to the ranges of payout, but that doesn't mean they cannot be changed. If the online casino wants to run a promotional slot with high payouts for a couple of weeks, they can work with the software developer who in turn will change the payouts for them to improve the players' chances of winning more by playing that particular slot. We have discussed this in our online casino house edge article you can visit from the menu to the right.

 And then, there are the rogue online casinos which would use software that is easy to manipulate and change their payout odds to increase the house edge to levels which would result to big wins for the casino and no money for the players. Many people haven't even heard about the RNG, know how it applies to the games nor have a way of finding out the payouts of the games. That's why we always recommend only the most reputable online casinos and have done all this work for you already. The RNG and the honesty of the software provider is only one piece of the many that go into placing a casino on our recommended list.


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