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Playing the casino games: Video Slots and Video Poker
 Say what you wish, but the video slots are the most popular game at the online casinos and their cousin, the video poker, also gets plenty of attention from the casino patrons. These two forms of casino games are part of our Video Machine Games division of the games you can find at any casino. Let's look at them in a bit more detail.

 Video Slots - despite the fact that even today all slot machines at the casinos are built with the coin dispensing tray, the video slots of today are nothing like their predecessors even a few decades ago. Unlike in the past, when the slots are simple mechanical devices - you put in the coin, pull the lever and the reels spun to stop and hopefully dispense coins at the bottom of the machine, today all video slots are controlled by a microchip and the slots at the online casinos are a testament to the ingenuity and technical progress in the video graphics area. At any casino, whether it would be an online casino or your local gambling hall, the slot machines are always 10:1 to other casino games, sometimes this ratio is even higher. And all with a good reason - people love the slots and they love to win. At the online casinos the video slots are actually the loosest form of a casino game you can play, with some exceptions, of course. Don't worry, we have outlined the good and the bad video slots on the article here.

 Video Poker - in our view, the video poker machines fail to get the recognition they deserve. Walk into most bars and casinos and you will find the video poker game present and likely already occupied. And when the land-based casinos place gambling screens at their bars - it's always the video poker. And even better news for the online casino fans - the multi-hand video poker. A variation of the video poker which allows you to play upwards to 100 hands with the same draw. This type of game could equal a landfall of winnings for the punter who knows how to play it. We will discuss the video poker strategies at its dedicated guide.

 The above two forms of casino games combine equal more than 90% of the games played. This should tell you something both for the chances of winning big when playing the video machine games and the love they get from the casino, as well. Again, check out our slots and video poker guides to avoid the pitfalls that lead to the online casinos making a lot of money out of the video slots and poker players.


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