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How to play roulette at the casino
 While blackjack is without a doubt the most popular table game both at the online casinos and the traditional casino, roulette is likely the most “advertised” game – there is not a single casino-related movie where the protagonist is not betting big money at the roulette table. And we have to agree – roulette is indeed the simplest game you can play at the casino. If you've ever wanted to try your luck against the house at the roulette table, but had no idea what to do, here you will learn how to play roulette in minutes.

 Roulette is considered a simple game mainly because pretty much everything is written on the roulette table – what bets can you make and in some cases – how much you will win. We will go a bit into details here, but remember that if you are at a traditional casino's roulette table you can always ask the dealer (croupier) for help. Their sole job is not to spin the wheel, but the help players, as well. As far as the online casinos – while you cannot get any help from a dealer you don't need to know literally anything about roulette to play, since the software takes care of everything, from the odds to the payout. But, if you want to know how to play roulette, read on.

The layout of a roulette table Roulette is a casino table game where the dealer spins a wheel with numbers from 0 to 36 on it (there is a 00 number in the American version which we discuss later) and let's a ball fall on the wheel, stopping at a random number. A player can place wagers on a number or series of numbers, the color of the number, or whether the number will be odd or even. No other game comes as simple as roulette. If you look a the picture of the roulette table here you can see that the odds and evens, as well as the red an black are clearly marked. Both options will pay 1/1 on your bet, while a zero or double zero will render those bets losers. The number bets is where it gets just a bit more complicated and it's also where we will focus our attention.


 Outside Roulette Bets: As you can see from the layout of a roulette tables the numbers can also be divided into 3 columns of 12 numbers each and 3 rows of 12 number each. The player can bet on either a single row/column, by placing the chip(s) without the boundaries of the row(column) or two adjacent rows/columns with a single bet, by placing the chip(s) on the line dividing the rows or columns. Keep in mind that the more numbers you bet on – the smaller the payout. For example, if you bet on the “first 12” row, your bet will pay on 2/1 odds, while if you make a split bet on the “first 12” and “2nd 12” rows – your bet will pay just . The number bets described above, along with wagers on red/black and odd/even are called “outside bets”, simply because they take place outside the actual numbers.

 Inside Roulette Bets: The inside bets is where the TV tells you the action is and where the most famous (although not the most popular) bet takes place – a bet on a single number. You've probably already guessed it, it's simply placing a wager on a number to come up next, by placing your chip(s) on top of your chosen number. This is the bet with the biggest payout, as well as longest odds of winning, paying 35/1. In addition to a single number bet, you can place a single bet on more than one number at the same time, namely 2, 3 4, 5 and 6 numbers with a single chip. To make such bets you would simply place your chip on the line between the numbers. For example, you can bet on both numbers 11 and 12 by placing your chip on the line dividing those two numbers. Naturally, the payout won't be 35/1 but 17/1. If you wanted to place a bet on four number at the same time, you place your chips at the cross of the four numbers, for example 11, 12, 14, and 15 can be bet at the same time by placing the bet at the juncture of those 4 numbers. Keep in mind that you can bet multiple numbers with inside bets only if the numbers are adjacent. In other words, you can't place an inside bet on both number 5 and number 15, although you can bet them with an outside split-bet if you place your chip on the junction of column 2 and 3.

 We understand that this may seem a tad complicated at first, but with some practice you would be a pro in no time. We recommend you download an online casino such as Lucky Nugget which offers a “play money” version. This way you can practice roulette bets without risking anything.

 American vs. European Roulette: All online casinos and most traditional land-based casinos will offer two variations of the roulette game, one is called “American Roulette” and the other “European Roulette”. There are two differences between the versions of the roulette. The American roulette will have an extra zero ( a double zero), which increases the house edge and therefore most players tend to avoid it. The second difference is in the layout of the numbers on the wheel, i.e. they are different from each other not only because of the added double zero, but at the layout of all the numbers. Other than these two differences, both American and European roulette are played in the exact same way.

 Pros and Cons of playing roulette at the online casino: We will start with the obvious drawback of playing roulette online – the social interaction and the help you can get from the croupier. At the traditional casino you can always ask the croupier for help in placing your bets or the payout of the different bets you consider placing, at the online casino you are on your own. There is also the social aspect of gambling, although this is not a drawback for many who don't like the large and often obnoxious crowds gathering around the roulette table at times.

 On the “pros” side, however, you can play roulette at the online casino from the comfort of your home. As mentioned earlier, the online casino will also give you the option to play roulette with “play money” and hone your skills before risking real money. The online casinos also offer a large variety of roulette tables with various sizes of bets you can place, while some land-based casinos will have a single roulette version (American or European) and the bets tend to be on the small side at the majority of the casinos (Monaco casinos being an exception). Where you'd choose to play roulette is entirely up to you at the end, but make sure you take our recommendation to heart and practice your bets first at one of the free online casino versions.


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