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How online casino odds work?
 People play online casinos every day, but not many of them are familiar with the actual process of how the odds at the casinos work. If you've always wondered how are the odds of winning at the video slots determined, this is the place to learn the answer.

 All online casinos employ an algorithm to determine the outcome of each wager their customers make, which is often referred to as "RNG" or "Random Number Generator". It's basically a piece of software programe that randomly generates a number, usually between 0 and 1, for example 0.85. A random number generator is a cornerstone of computers and programming and is embedded with every programming language. Thus, no matter in what programming language is - it will have a random number generator.

 How does the gambling software developer utilize the RNG with the online casino games? It's rather simple. Each casino game has a number of outcomes that would pay on the wager placed. For example, let's look at a basic video slot machine. It will have 3 reels and one payline, if a certain sequence lands on the payline, the player will be paid according to the payout table the online casino has made available. The RNG comes into play when it's time to determine the odds of the payout scenarios, i.e. what are the odds of triple sevens landing on the payline and making the player a winner. The odds are set by the online casino and for each payout combination a range of numbers is selected. Let's look at an example again.

 Let's say that in order for the triple sevens to land on the payline and give the gambler the highest payout the video slot machine offers, the random number generator must stop on and only on 0.99, nothing else would do. As you can see, the odds of winning in this case would be very small, 1/100. Of course, this doesn't mean that the first time you spin the reels the RNG won't land on 0.99, after all, it generates the numbers randomly, but the overall casino odds are very small. For some small payouts, i.e. those that pay the equivalent or less than the initial wager, the online casino usually set the odds a bit loosely. To follow our original example, the online casino may have set the odds of landing a cherry and getting your bet back as a range of numbers, let's say from 0.10 to 0.30, giving the casino player roughly 3/1 chance on getting a cherry and winning the original bet back.

 As you can see, the online casino odds work in a very simple an efficient way. The online casinos themselves are often allowed to set the odds, but have no access to the random number generator, thus some online casinos pay much better than others.  If you visit any of our top UK online casinos, such as Lucky Nugget, you can find actual casino games odds posted on some of their websites, a big plus for gamblers.

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