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How does the progressive jackpot work?
 The progressive jackpot at the online casinos is one of the main attraction to internet gambling, but not many people know how the progressive jackpot actually works. In this article you will learn the basic of the progressive jackpot and how it accumulates.

 We have all seen them when gambling online - jackpots in the millions of pounds and growing constantly, people from all over the world winning multi-million jackpots by just wagering a pound or even less. But how does this whole progressive jackpot thing works? It's rather simple, indeed:

 First we should mention for those who don't know - the online casino software is not created by the casino itself, but by a software provider and the casinos are just licensees of the software. This, among other things, ensures that the casino cannot tamper with the software and fix the payout odds the way they like and it's a main part of how the online casino progressive jackpot works. Unlike brick&mortar casinos, the progressive jackpots at the online casinos are set and controlled by the software developer. Thus many different online casinos (using the same software developer) offer the same progressive jackpot. This also helps with winning the jackpot more often, since more people are playing for the same progressive jackpot.

 But something not many people know is that the online casinos don't control the jackpot or the payout of the jackpot. Every time a customer wagers at a progressive slot machine, for example, a small amount of the wager is set aside by the online casino and later transferred to the software provider, along with millions of other small amounts from other online casinos. The amount is equal to the amount the progressive jackpot grows by. Those amounts accumulate at the software developer until someone wins the jackpot - then the progressive jackpot win is paid by the software provider to the winning player.

 This is great for both the players, obviously, since they have the chance to win a very large progressive jackpot while wagering a very small amount of money, and also great for the online casinos - they can offer multi-million pounds progressive jackpots and when the players win those jackpots - they essentially lose nothing, since the money had already been set aside. And while a single online casino could potentially offer a progressive jackpot, it would take a long time on its own to collect the large amount of money most progressive jackpots offer.

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