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How to play casinos online
 Not everyone is experienced at online gambling and to help those new gamblers ease onto the world of online casinos we have created this quick guide of how to gamble online. There are a few basic steps that apply to playing at any online casino and there are some that are specific to each casino. But once a person knows the basics of gambling online at the casinos, it's much easier to learn the intricacies of each online casino. Here are the steps of how to play casinos online:

1. Find the right online casino - Check out our home page for a list of approved UK online casinos. This step is important, because licensed and regulated online gambling companies are naturally a much more safe and secure place to gamble.

2. Download the casino software - the online casinos are basically gambling software that sits on your PC and connects to its internet servers to obtain instructions. When you visit the casino website you'll be given the option to download the software - in this step do so.

3. Install and run the gambling software - pretty self explanatory step. Install your chosen online casino the same way you would install any other computer software. The main package doesn't come with all the games, so once the casino software is installed, most of the games the online casino offers will begin to download automatically.

4. Open a casino account - once the software has been installed, one must open a player account. There are two types of casino accounts - for real money or for free. You can open the real money account if you want to start playing for actual money right away or you can choose to wet your feet with the free money account for a while. You can open either account at any time.

5. Fund your account and start playing. By visiting the casino's cashier you can choose to fund your gambler's account using a large variety of payment methods. Once you have added money to your player's account you can being playing the casino games with real money and win real money, too.

 This is the answer to how to play casinos online. As one can see, it's rather easy to start gambling at the online casinos and no special instructions or steps are required.

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