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Football betting to dent online casino profits
 The start of the Barclays Premier League, one of the Europe's biggest sports betting event, is expected to affect the online casinos negatively, as it does every year at this time. September is generally considered the slowest month in the UK online casinos, while it's among the top months for sports betting revenues, largely due to the start of the UK football season.

 According to numbers compared from the previous years, as much as 25% of the average monthly revenues could be lost during the month of September at the UK's online casinos, as funds players usually gamble at the casinos are moved to betting on the football games, particularly on the Premier League matches.

 While this shift of revenue from the online casinos to the online bookmakers is quite sizable, it is only temporary and often rebounds to previous levels in the following months, once the initial excitement over the start of the football season wear off. We should also mention that on the same token, the online casinos benefit from the end of the Premier League matches earlier in the year.

 Overall, while the drop in gambling revenues at the UK internet casinos could be viewed as a bad thing for the gambling operators, customers end up being the real winners. Many online casinos will boost up their offers, often towards the end of August, the beginning of September, aiming to stop the drain towards their sports betting counterparts. Others, such as the popular casino/bookmaker Bet 365, a gambling company which offers both a first-class online casino and is the leading online bookmaker in the UK, see those swings in gambling revenue only internally, as their customers move from the casino to the sportsbook and vice versa.


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