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Casino Bonus - the percentage bonus explained
 If you came here following a link from one of our casino bonus articles you already know about the percentage bonus. For those of you who don't, here is the explanation.

 We call "percentage bonus" a bonus offer from the online casinos that requires customers to deposit money at their players' accounts and in turn the online casino will match a certain percentage of the deposit in form of bonus money. This is the most common form of online casino bonus and nearly every UK online casino employs the percentage bonus as their offer for new (and often existing) customers. To give you an example, let's say the online casino claims 100% bonus for new customers. This means that if the new player deposits 100 it will get an additional 100 as a bonus and the punter can start gambling with a total bankroll of 200.

 Keep in mind that in 99% of the cases, even if the casino advertises a pound amount, let's say 500 in free money, it would still be calculated as a percentage, in other words, the customer will have to deposit 500 to get another 500 free. Rule of thumb here is that if online casino advertises a money amount (as opposed to a percentage) - it indicates the highest bonus amount possible to get by the new customer. Or to use the above example, if a casino says that you can get 500 free bonus, it means that you would get a percentage of your deposit up to 500.

 It's a little trick the online casinos use to attract customers and there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you know about it. For example, there may be 2 online casinos offering 500 free, but one of them may calculate the bonus as 100% of your first deposit, while the other could use just 50%. In the first case to get the full 500 bonus one must deposit 500, while at the second online casino you must deposit 1000 to get the 500 free bonus. That's why you should always check the actual percentage of the deposit the bonus consist, rather than just the amount.

 Knowing this about the percentage bonus at the UK online casinos not only can save you headache in the long term, but it would be much easier for you to compare the online casino bonuses and see which one is the best, even if they appear to be the same at the beginning.

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