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Casino bonus play through explained
 The online casino bonuses all come with strings attached, namely the play through condition. Here we will explain what play through means, as related to the casino bonus offers, and how to better prepare yourself for this feature of the online casino bonus.

 We have all seen it - the play through conditions attached to every bonus offer by the UK online casinos. And those who have never seen it risk running into issues later on in their gambling adventures. When the online casinos advertise free bonuses, don't instantly assume that you can simply deposit the money required, take the bonus and withdraw. If it worked like this, the online casinos would go out of business in a matter of hours. Yes, the free bonus is a main feature of the online casinos and certainly could be withdrawn and added to your winnings, but there are conditions that must be met, namely the "play through" requirements must be satisfied.

 So what is a play through? It's rather simple, it's the amount of wagers the punter must place before they qualify for withdrawing the bonus and its winnings. This is best explained with an example. Let's say that an online casino is offering a 100% match bonus and the customer deposits 100. The casino will give the player an extra 100 for the total bankroll of 200. And let's assume for the purpose of the example that this particular casino bonus comes with a 20 times (20x) deposit+bonus play through requirement. Therefore before the customer can withdraw the bonus and the winnings, they must wager the total amount of 4000 (20xdeposit+bonus, which in this case is 20x100+100=4000). Keep in mind that one doesn't have to lose 4000, but must place bets which total 4000 or more, before they can withdraw the free bonus and any winnings associated with it. Let's say you decide to play a slot machine with a 10 per spin, in order to satisfy the playthrough requirements you must spin the reels 400 times, regardless of the outcome.

 Now, here is when some smart punters would simply decide to bet on roulette both black and red and do so until they have met the wagering requirement, then withdraw the bonus. Wrong! The online casinos have thought about this one as well - bonus offers also include a list of game which do not count towards the play through requirement in order to avoid this kind of fraud. Certain online casinos simply ban outright some games, such as roulette, when playing with bonus money. Make sure you check these terms and conditions of the bonus offer before taking advantage of it.  A lot of UK online casinos warn that if you use certain games with your bonus money - the entire bonus and any winnings attributable to it may be forfeited, so thread carefully here and always, always check the play through requirements and the games that are excluded from bonus play.

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